Try The Best burgers in Houston Galleria Area

Best burgers in Houston Galleria Area

Are you looking for the best burgers in Houston, Texas? Look no further. Our burger joint stands on serving 100% Texas Wagyu Beef. Great burgers start with the best grade of meat, special seasoning, and end with your favorite toppings. From rare to well done, you can't go wrong. Outside of our normal pick-up or delivery area? No problem, we now serve the uptown Houston Galleria-area residents with our special pop up kitchen, offering both pick-up and delivery from one convenient location. 

The Classic Hamburger

If you're going to eat a burger, why would you settle for less than the best burger in Houston? B&B Butchers & Restaurant quickly made a name for itself by using the most sought-after cuts of wagyu cattle anywhere in the state—even the nation. There were no marketing gimmicks, just an authentic devotion to top-quality beef customers won't find anywhere else. With the B.B. Lemon name, we carry over that unbeatable wagyu juiciness and flavor to every burger we serve, never substituting anything less than perfect ingredients. Our menu at B.B. Lemon started with the Classic Hamburger and has since helped the spot evolve into one of the most revered burger joints in Houston. That's why our pop up in Uptown is now serving Galleria-area residents.

Best Bacon Burgers Near Houston Galleria 

Every restaurant under the umbrella of the Berg Hospitality Group lives by the mantra that bacon is sacred. Like our namesake, we employ the finest butchers in Houston at our shops to select and slice nothing but the best bacon in Houston. Then the kitchen is where the magic happens. Perfect bacon isn't too floppy or too crispy—it has to be just right before it's laid on top of a mouthwatering burger patty. B.B. Lemon is proud to offer our signature Bacon Burger as well as another customer favorite, our Bacon Cheeseburger. Plenty of burger places in Houston throw this item on their menu, but a true burger aficionado chooses B.B. Lemon every single time for the best bacon burgers around.

The Patty Melt

A beloved spin on the classic American hamburger, our Patty Melt uses sliced deli-fresh bread and adds a wagyu burger patty that's not overly thick. We then melt Swiss cheese on top over caramelized onions. Houston's best Patty Melt from B.B. Lemon's new Galleria-area spot proves you don't mess with perfection. We recommend adding a side of Cottage Fries or French Fries when you order your Patty Melt at our pop up restaurant in Uptown Houston.

Hamburger Orders Near Uptown Houston Galleria

We know we might be repeating ourselves, but we couldn't be more excited about our new pop up restaurant now serving the entire Uptown Houston Galleria section of the city. Found at 5832 Fairdale Lane, we're taking hamburger orders from B.B. Lemon, offering fresh Houston pizza and other favorites from B.B. Italia, and of course allowing you better access to cherished to-go goods from The Butcher Shop at B&B.

How To Make The Best Burgers

If you're a Houstonian searching for how to make the best burgers, Berg Hospitality can offer a few tips on how easy it is. First, track down a reputable cattle farm in Texas and source 100% wagyu beef. Next, bake yourself a bright and golden brioche bun from scratch, fluffy but ready to slightly crisp on the grill, ensuring it won't get soggy from the overly juicy beef patty. Hand-select fresh ingredients for toppings like crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and coined dill pickles. Cook it all to perfection and combine as you see fit. See, was that so hard? OK, just pick one up for $11 instead at our new Galleria-area pop up restaurant or have your burger of choice from us delivered. Sometimes the best burgers are already available right in your own city. Take advantage today!

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