New Dishes at B.B. Lemon

ūüö® Houston, we've spiced up our menus with some *NEW* dishes! ūüö®

Join us soon to try one (or all TEN) of them! See below to check them out.

Chicken Lollipops - $14
Korean spiced w/ toasted sesame seeds & cilantro dip

Tuna Tartare - $18
w/ shishito peppers, avocado, ponzu, crispy shallots

Cobb Salad - $12
w/ bibb lettuce, avocado, radish, onion, blue cheese, hard boiled eggs

Lemon Chicken Wrap - $14
w/ tomato, pesto, onion & feta

Salmon BLT - $22
w/ lettuce, tomato, bacon, egg, mayo on rustic bread

Scallops - $32
garlic sauce, spinach, mushrooms

Trout Almondine - $28
cauliflower, green beans

Risotto - $28
w/ shrimp, pesto, sundried tomatoes, parmesan

Sliced Steak Salad - $28
5oz filet w/ corn, black beans, onions, tomatoes, cotija

Seared Asian Tuna Salad - $24
w/ cabbage, carrots, wontons, bell peppers